Established in Texas in 1922, Dickies have displayed an unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship for everyday men’s and women’s workwear that embodies the quality, hardiness and spirit of the American worker.

Over the decades, the renowned brand has expanded through Europe and the Middle East, and has since been adopted by skate subcultures around the globe, with youth drawn to the brand’s hard-wearing fabrications, classic styling and sleek, uniform appeal.

Moving into the Australian market, the Dickies range champions the revival of heritage Americana with the sartorially-minded search for consistent, well-made pieces. Taking inspiration from a vast cultural zeitgeist that encompasses arts and music, to the motorbike and sports scene, Dickies aims to preserve and expand on its traditional heritage of high-quality workmanship remixed with a contemporary edge.

This season, the brand delivers a core collection that focuses on the staples, with crisp work shorts, chinos and pants that boast a range of easily identifiable fits and cuts including Skinny, Straight, Slim, Slouch and the signature Classic Original Fit, with hemlines that can be rolled, chopped and shrunk in a myriad of ways, or left in their classic form for a smart casual aesthetic. This carefully curated assortment of styles exemplifies Dickies’ inclusive ethos which maintains that no matter what you do - whether a tradie, waiter, skater, mechanic, artist or musician - there is bound to be a fit for you.

THE ICONIC curates an impressive collection of Dickies apparel, with printed tees, hoodies, bottoms and durable backpacks and accessories that will take you from work to school, uni and through the weekend with ease.