For premium outerwear steeped in almost 200 years of heritage, you can’t go past Mackintosh. THE ICONIC proudly stocks a curated selection of the core Mackintosh collection for both men and women, making it easier than ever to buy into this storied brand while shopping online.

The story of Mackintosh begins back in 1824, where Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh engineered an entirely new way of waterproofing cotton. Riding on the momentum of the industrial revolution, Macintosh’s initial innovation gave way to the development of rubberised outerwear - marking the birth of the first true Mackintosh. The Mackintosh revolutionised the realm of outerwear, signifying incredible leaps forward in both technology and design. Adopted by everyone from the British army in WW1 and WW2 to the British Railways staff up until the 1980s, Mackintosh is synonymous with the British zeitgeist.

Today’s Mackintosh construction remains as meticulous as it was at the brand’s inception. Two layers of cotton are bonded together by rubber that’s dyed for an exact match to ensure no show-through. Once patterns are cut for each garment, each is sewn together and sealed with an intricate hand-glued technique that takes years to master. This ensures every single seam is waterproofed before the piece is further taped to prevent any water intrusion. This fastidious approach to construction means only a limited amount of Mackintoshes are produced each season, making them incredibly coveted.

THE ICONIC’s range of Mackintosh coats, jackets and apparel has all the building blocks for a formidable all-weather wardrobe. Along with the brand’s signature trench coats, you’ll find rugged cotton sweatshirts, unisex tees, trousers and socks all ready for whatever the day brings your way. Browse the latest Mackintosh online at THE ICONIC, and enjoy the option of free and fast shipping across Australia and New Zealand.