Hot Wheels

Co-founded by Elliot Handler in 1968, Hot Wheels has been revolutionising the face and function of toy cars for over half a century. By introducing a die-cast toy car that performed better and faster than anything else on the market, Hot Wheels has remained one of the top performing toy brands in the world. Since the debut of ‘The Sweet 16’ line of cars including the signature Custom Camaro®, Custom Corvette®, Hot Heap™, Custom Firebird®, Deora® and the Cheetah™, Hot Wheels has gone on to become one of the greatest influences in car culture and real car design.

Not only regarded as valuable collectibles, Hot Wheels remain a favourite amongst every young racing enthusiast. With the right Hot Wheels car comes the potential to create a dynamic track with all obstacles and destinations. At THE ICONIC, each Hot Wheels set comes with new features and new driving challenges. Let your vehicle ride the elevators to reach each and every garage level, lay down side-by-side tracks for drag races, create figure 8 tracks for onhead collisions, amp up the play with monster truck derbies and build helix loops as you watch your stunt car defy gravity. With so many Hot Wheels car and track options, playtime has never been so imaginative and adrenaline-fuelled.