Kid's Skirts

There is no shortage of clothing options for kids. And because they pull off all cuts, lengths and designs so perfectly, the fashion industry can't stop producing newer, unique designs and styles for them. Interestingly, no matter how popular crop tops or shorts or dresses are, there is a charm associated with girls skirts.

But while buying skirts for your girl, it is important that you think about their comfort. But then comfort alone can't be your criterion; you should also factor in style. Well, as far as comfort is concerned, you can buy pretty cotton and viscose skirts from THE ICONIC. We also have a nice collection of nylon and polyester skirts, which you can choose to buy if the style is your priority. You can pick skirts from a number of popular brands available at THE ICONIC including Camilla, DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger.

Now, let's talk about what the best way to style a skirt is. Well, there is no 'one' way. There are hundreds of ways you can style a girl’s skirt, without causing the overall loom to appear over-the-top. Kids look great in skirts even when they team them up with regular tops. However, when paired with crop tops, they simply look awesome. The best thing about skirts is that they can be worn with different types of shoes. But then if you want to keep that girly charm intact, pair them up with pump shoes. And why not? After all, girls are head over heels in love with pump shoes, and other girly footwears.